David Griffith’s Blogs

Hello and welcome to my blog page. This page is seriously under developed at the moment and should improve over the next few weeks as I get used to using the Mars Edit Blog software on my Mac.


I blog under three main areas.


Firstly I have an alter ego as Blind Hammer.I am a West Ham United Season Ticket holder and bog fairly regularly on all matters West Ham from the perspective of a Blind Supporter.

 These blogs are hosted on the website “West Ham Till I Die”

 but will also be archived here.


Secondly I blog under the Heading “ The Adventures of Nyle”. Nyle is my Guide Dog an is most definitely the star of these blogs. I never cease to be amazed what this dog provides for me with all his love and commitment. He has to guide a man who is not only completely blind but has severe hearing loss as well. 


Thirdly I blog on Blind Accessibility, mainly reviewing  the use of Computers and various smart devices. I use Windows and the Mac, iOS Apple and Android, and considered the emotional encampment of   “fanboys” attached        both Apple and Android “” who cannot stand criticism of the Gods of Google and Android respectively as childish in the extreme. I look constructively at the opportunities available for accessibility in each system. I also continue to use specialist Blind Technology.

 My hope is that what I describe will help others learn from the experiences, some negative and many positive that I have undergone. If I can make a marginal easing of the pressure of coping with visual impairment for some people I am happy.

Welcome to my blog world.


David Griffith


October 31, 2016 ,3:56 PM








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