A Political Scandal

A Political Scandal

I don’t normally write political blogs on this site but for once some political hard truths need to be faced.

Seven weeks ago, today I was advised by my Difficult Asthma nurses at Barts to start amending my behaviour. I was advised against using the Tube, advised not to attend for the time being Football matches and other common-sense precautions.

The problem was that at the time the national conversation did not accommodate this at all. This was the week that the BBC’s Moral Maze debate was whether anticipated measures against CoronaVirus were likely to be an over reaction causing economic harm, when only older people with limited life expectancy anyway were at real risk. This was a period where the Government was confidently departing from WHO Guidelines and talking about developing “herd immunity” to allow a uk designed “nuanced approach” of managing the Virus and at the same time minimise economic disruption. Briefings abounded that there was much to be said for what was describe as “taking the hit” in order to achieve this herd immunity. This was the period in which the government confidently decided it did not need to participate in EU schemes to purchase either Ventilator or protective Equipment.

This was the period when people were referring sneeringly to the failures in Italy to control the outbreak.

When I tried on various Forums to start ringing alarm bells, I was accused of inducing unnecessary panic or even on a couple of times accused of affecting people’s mental health.

I have kept quiet about this for some weeks despite the scandal of an under provisioned NHS with staff being forced into lethal harm’s way because of lack of protective equipment.

However, what I want to say just once is to try and burst the absolute fiction that the “Government has done everything it can do”.

This is manifestly untrue and even the Government’s own advisors are now admitting that the UK’s record is likely to be the worst in Europe. No longer at we are sneering at Italy as we will fare far worst. This crisis was born not last week, or even 4 weeks, ago but complacency 7 weeks ago and earlier.

There is a hidden scandal of this Government’s record which weeks ago showed incredible arrogance as well as ignorance in celebrating the distance they were making from the World Health Organisation in following their self-described “nuanced” position of promoting “herd immunity” as opposed to the WHO recommended suppression and testing regime.

The results are clear to see from the statistics and is a national scandal.

Just compare how Germany – which is already emerging from their crisis with the UK stats below. Germany has tracked thousands more cases and suppressed more than the UK and identified cases through testing but have a dwindling death rate approaching zero with an overall death tally only a quarter of the UK. By the time the death tally lowers to similar levels in the UK it is likely that we will have suffered 10 times more deaths than people in Germany.

These figures are current as of today. They speak for themselves April 14th 2020.





Active Cases


Cases Reported Today


Deaths Today


Overall Deaths





Active Cases


Cases Reported Today


Deaths Today


Overall Deaths


David Griffith

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